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Hi and welcome to my homepage. My last update was Monday, October 3, 2011. In August I added pictures to the January to June 2010 page, July to December 2010, January to June 2009 page, and July to December 2009. I started this page because I wanted to be able to show off my kids. My real name is Catherine and I am a SAHM to 14 kids. I have been married to my DH, Reg, for 25 years. He is a great guy. We live in rural Quebec beside a dairy farm in Eastern Canada.

13 of 14 kids
The kids(June 14, 2011)
Clockwise from left Daryl (3), Tiffany (4), Robyn (6), Cynthia (Tia) (8), Holly (9), Colin (11), Rachel (14), James (16), Phil (18), Margo (20) holding Keith (1), ChloŽ (22), and Alexander (Sandy) (23).
Kristy (24), Reg (46), and I, Catherine, (45), are not in the picture. Ages are as of updates. The 5 oldest have moved out so it's hard to get a picture of everyone. Visit the kids' pages in order starting with Keith's and use the next button at the bottom of the page. Visit my page. See recent pictures by scrolling down. To see all the pages on my site check out my site map
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This Month's Birthday

Tia turned 8 on the 1st!

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Margo made this with a mouse back in 2005
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Recent Pictures

October 2011

Tia's 3rd Birthday. October 1st

TiaThe Zhu Zhu pets got a lot of squeals from the younger girls. Tia might be a tomboy but she usually likes the same toys they do.

Tia asked for a piŮata. He was cute but tough.

TiaWaiting for cake. Tia asked for a Blu cake from the movie Rio. We recently bought a Blu-ray player and the first movie we watched was Rio.


September 2011

Daryl's 3rd Birthday. September 13th

DarylHelping to make his cake.

After opening each present he would get up to bring it to the table so he could play with it while ignoring there was more presents to open.

DarylMe: Happy Birthday Daryl!
Daryl: NOO!!
Me: It's your birthday!
Daryl: NO!
Me: Have birthday cake?
Daryl: No!
Me:Open presents?
Daryl: No
Me: Play with new toys?
Daryl: um k.
He ended up having fun even if he wasn't very agreeable to it all at first.

August 2011

Daryl. August 22nd

DarylDaryl fell and landed on his eyebrow. Ouch.

Utility Sink. August 17th

Utility SinkWe set up the sink but it's not connected yet or in the right spot. Daryl climbed right in.

Sunset. August 3rd

It's flat and humid where we live. We almost always have a beautiful sunset. This one was pretty special. Click picture for a bigger version.

Bike Trailer. August 2nd

Bike TrailerWe got the trailer out and the kids asked if they could pull it. We had no idea but it worked.

Bike Trailer

Bike TrailerKeith was scared first time we put him in but as soon as he sat down he was happy. He loved going up and down our little driveway. Tia, Holly, and Robyn took turns pulling him. If no one wanted to he'd sit in the trailer waiting.

June 2011

Robyn's 6th birthday. June 19 and 20th



BubRobyn asked to have her cake a day late so Sandy and ChloŽ would be there.

May 2011

Me and James. May 30th

J and MeAt the high school grade 10 award ceremony James received 2 awards!

Daryl and Keith. May 27th

D and KI found matching outfits for Daryl and Keith

Margo. May 25th

Margo graduated from Dawson College in Illustration and Design! Click picture to see a larger version.

March 2011

St Pat's. March 17th

Irish Cream Chocolate CakeIrish Cream Chocolate Cake

Irish Cream Chocolate Cake
It was really good!

Me and Margo with Holly, Tia, Robyn, Tiffy, and Daryl


February 2011

Keith's 1st Birthday. February 9th

The ducks are rice krispie treats covered in icing.

Like most of my kids he had no idea what to with the presents. He smiled nicely and liked the attention.

Keith is my only baby to sit like this. He refused to sit any other way.

January 2011

Holly's Birthday. January 10th

Happy 9th Birthday Holly! She wanted decorate her cake but she also wanted it to look like I did. After I finished she added some stars. She was very happy with how it turned out.

Daryl and Keith. January 7th

D and KThey fell asleep together. Too cute.


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